getting started 2

Once your account is activated, no doubt you’ll want to get your website & email up and running immediately.

To do this, login to your Online Control Panel at the following URL using the Username & Password that were sent to you.

Setting up your email

  1. Select “Hosting” from the Top Menu
  2. Select “Email” from main display area
  3. Select “Mailboxes”
  4. Select the “Add New Mailbox” button and complete the form as required.

Setting up email on your computer or mobile device

Depending on the Email software you’re going to use, the location and exact terms required for setting up your email will vary from product to product. However, the main pieces of information required will be the same. These are displayed on the main Email page within your Control Panel. (See Create Email Account above)

Server Name (POP, SMTP, IMAP) –

(SMTP server requires Authentication enabled)

Username – your email address

Account Password – as set by you when creating the email account (viewable within your email account settings in the control panel)