We have launched!

Finally, Getting Irish Business Online has launched. Its been a hectic time these last few weeks but now we’re out of the starting blocks and rearing to go.

We think you’ll agree our initial offering is a pretty attractive package of services for new start-up businesses. We’ve a free domain name (including .ie), free hosting with online website builder, cloud email. Our friends at Blueface have come on board to offer a VOIP line with geographic number that means your customers will be able to reach you no matter where you are.

Everything is free for at least a year, with no provider lock-in or contract periods. We hope you like all the free services, but if not you can choose to use as many or as few of the services as you want, you can take your domain and move elsewhere, its up to you.

The only real restrictions we place is that the services must be used for genuine business purposes and each business can only sign up once. Much and all as we’d love to be able to offer free services to everyone and his dog, times are hard and right now we think resources are best spent giving fledgling Irish businesses the best chance they can get. Every cent they don’t have to spend on internet, web & communications is a cent they can put towards growing the business instead.

We’ll be augmenting the offering as we go along so please check back regularly. We are actively seeking partners to offer genuinely useful free internet and ICT products to start-up and developing businesses.

So … we’ve done our bit, now its up to you!